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Chapter 18: Sailing in Rough Waters

Socrates is reported to have said. Some young man asked him what he would suggest, whether he should get married or not. And he asked the right man! He thought that he was asking the right man, because Socrates had suffered so much through marriage. He had a wife, her name was Xanthippe, one of the most dangerous women in the whole history of man. And he had suffered a lot: she was continuously nagging and dominating him, throwing things at him. She even poured hot tea on his face, and half his face remained burned his whole life. So this young man was right to ask Socrates: Socrates knew.

Socrates said, “One must get married. If you get a good wife you will be happy, and if you get a wife like mine you will become a philosopher. In either case you will be profited.”

Peter said to them - to his friends and other disciples - Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the life.

It is dangerous to allow women in, because then territories become blurred, you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know what is going to happen. Woman symbolizes the mysterious, the unknown, the strange, for man; woman symbolizes the poetic, the dreamy, the illogical, the irrational, the unconscious, for man. Woman symbolizes the absurd. It is always difficult to find any logic in a woman’s behavior. She jumps from one point to another, there are gaps, she is unpredictable.

One day it happened:

There was a long fight between Nasruddin and his wife. And at the end, as it always happens, Nasruddin thought he would surrender. It is difficult to fight with a woman. She has to win, otherwise she will create such trouble that it is not worthwhile, the victory is not worthwhile. So Nasruddin thought, “Why waste three or four whole days? And then one has to surrender anyway, so why not surrender now?” So he said. “Okay, I agree with you.”

His wife said, “Now it won’t help, I have changed my mind.”

And those who are in search of God have always been afraid because with women you are never certain. And it is not better to make them fellow-travelers; they will create trouble, and the trouble is multidimensional. Their behavior is illogical, their mind is unpredictable. And not only that, there is also always a deep possibility of falling in love, a deep possibility of being attracted to them, a deep possibility of sex entering. And once sex enters the whole path is missed, because now you are moving in another direction. Monks, seekers, have always been afraid; their fear is understandable. And this man Simon Peter was giving the direction for the coming centuries, that the purity of religion would be lost, the rationality would be lost.

So he said: Let Mary go out from among us. And Mary was no ordinary woman: the mother of Christ! Even that could not be allowed .because women are not worthy of the life. What life? - the life that they were seeking, the eternal life. Now try to understand why women are not capable of that life.

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