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Chapter 4: The Door to Bliss, Beauty, Truth and Love

It is not comparative. If you dance, you may not dance like Udaya Shanker. Comparatively your dance may be poorer than Udaya Shanker’s. But there is a possibility you may be more total in it than Udaya Shanker himself in his dance. Then I say you are more perfect: because it is not a question of form; it is a question of your inner involvement. If the ego drops, then it is whole, then it is total.

I have heard that there was a man in Socrates’ time - his name was Alcibiades. He was a perfectionist and of course, he was the most miserable man. Always worried, because everything is going wrong. He was very rich, he could purchase anything. But he wasn’t happy because there was always something else to be purchased, something else to be brought to his treasury. He traveled all over the world, but whenever he would come back to Athens he was more miserable than before.

He came to see Socrates and he asked Socrates, “Why am I so miserable? - and I have traveled all over the world. I am the most traveled man in Athens, and one would think that traveling gives experience and maturity. But nothing like that has happened to me. I have become more and more miserable. And I go to the far-off countries and then come back, from India, from China, but I’m not gaining any experience. I am becoming more and more imperfect day by day, rather than becoming perfect. What is the trouble with me?”

Socrates said, “Because you take yourself always with yourself. Wherever you go you take yourself with yourself; that is the trouble. This time you go alone. Leave yourself in Athens. Then there is a possibility of maturity.”

If you drop the ego, there is a possibility you may become whole. The moment you become whole, you become holy. Then you are healed; then all wounds disappear. Then you are perfect in your total aloneness. It is not comparative - that you are more perfect than others. No. You are simply perfect; you are a unique piece; there is nobody else like you; you are only like yourself

In your wholeness you are perfect, and a deep contentment comes. It becomes a climate around you.

The last question, and very important:

You are so sweet and rare that I feel like kidnapping you before I leave Pune. What do you say?

I surrender.

Enough for today.