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Chapter 6: Guilt Is Inverted Revenge

A lawyer has been trying for months to get Mendel Kravitz to pay a bill, but all his letters and telegrams are disregarded. Finally, in desperation he sends Mendel a tear-jerking letter, with a photograph of his little daughter. The lawyer writes under the photo: “Here is the reason I must have the money you owe me.”

Mendel replies by sending a photograph of a beautiful redhead in a bathing suit. The caption on this picture says: “Here is the reason I can’t pay.”

Mendel Kravitz is trying to make out with his secretary. He wines her and dines her and when he gets her back to his apartment, he whispers sweet promises in her ear.

“If we get it together,” murmurs Mendel, “a fur coat or perhaps a trip to Europe.”

The secretary takes him by the hand into the bedroom and they are soon in bed together. Later, while dressing, she asks him when she will get the fur coat he promised.

“What fur coat?” asks Mendel.

“You promised me a fur coat,” insists the girl.

“When I am horny, I will promise anything,” says Mendel. And putting one hand over his heart and the other on his prick, he says, “When he is soft, he is hard. When he is hard, he is soft.”