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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

Nobody is ready to share anything. And unless you share you will not receive more, because you don’t become capable of it. You are not worthy of it. Demand, and you will lose; give and you will get.

This life, as it is, is already too much. Be ecstatic about it, about small things. Even food should become a sacrament. Even shaking hands should become prayerfulness, it should be a giving. Even being with people should become a deep bliss - because what has happened to you has not happened anywhere else.

Says Sosan:

If you wish to move in the one way
do not dislike even the world of senses and ideas.

Don’t dislike the world of senses, and don’t dislike the world of ideas, because they too are beautiful in their own right. If you don’t get involved with it, what is wrong with an idea? It is a beautiful flower. Mind is good if it is in its place.

Gurdjieff has a teaching - and very relevant to the modern man - that all your centers are mixed up. Their purity is lost; everything interferes with everything else. And he is right. When you make love, mind is not needed, but mind goes on functioning. Really, you make love through the mind, not through the sex center.

Sex is not bad, sex is beautiful in its own right - a flowering, a deep sharing, a deep meeting of two persons. But the mind goes on interfering. Then it is ugly, because this mind is a disturbance. Then the sex center will take its own revenge. You are studying Gita, Koran, Bible, and sex goes on coming into the mind, you go on thinking about sex. It has to be so, because you disturbed the sex center, so when will the revenge be taken?

Look at your advertisements. If you have to sell anything, first you have to make it sex-appealing. Whether you sell a car - you have to put a naked woman with it, or toothpaste - you have to find a naked woman. Anything! As if toothpaste is not the real thing, the real thing is the naked woman, the sex. You sell soap, and you have to add a beautiful naked body.

I have heard.

An Italian model, a woman who worked for many years as a model for soap advertisements, was once asked, when she became old and nobody bothered, “What type of soap do you really use?”

She said, “None, because every soap is destructive to the softness of the skin. I simply use wet wool on my body, that’s why it is so beautiful! But I have helped to advertise all types of soaps, and they are selling.”