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Chapter 24: In This Silence

At the city gate and by your fireside I have seen you prostrate yourself and worship your own freedom.

What do you do when you go to a Hindu temple, or a Mohammedan mosque, or a Christian church, or a synagogue? - you are worshipping things which you yourself have created. And that shows man’s utter stupidity: first you carve a statue of God and then you prostrate yourself before it. This is your religion. Why don’t you start touching your own feet? There is no difference.

Mohammedans have been in difficulty because Mohammed, fourteen centuries ago, found that the people of Arabia were worshipping three hundred and sixty-five statues. Kaaba was their temple, and for every day one statue was worshipped. And even Mohammed, uneducated, could see the foolishness of it - you make the statues, and then you worship them - so he destroyed all those three hundred and sixty-five statues.

I am not in favor of his destruction. Instead. The same thing started again. He himself started it, because he found man is so much in love with his own misery that he cannot understand the idea of freedom - because to be free is to be free of misery.

The same Kaaba, where three hundred and sixty-five statues used to exist, also had a big square stone. It was not an ordinary stone, it was an asteroid. Every night you see stars falling - but stars don’t fall, and it is good and compassionate of them that they don’t fall because they are so big that if they fell on the earth the whole earth would disappear as if it had never existed. What you see, and call falling stars, are nothing but small stones.

When the moon became separated from the earth, at first the earth was not so solid. It is not solid even today. If you go deep inside. Deep inside it is burning lava. Once in a while it erupts into a volcano, but the upper crust has become solid. In the beginning it was not solid, and when the liquid earth was first moving on its own center.

It takes twenty-four hours for it to move on its own center. And then it is also moving around the sun - it takes three hundred and sixty-five days. In this double movement parts of the liquid crust were falling out here and there. Where you find, today, the great oceans, those are the places where big lumps of earth fell out. Joined together, they became your moon.

This moon continues to move around the earth, but no religious scripture of the world has any idea of it. Sometimes, because there are almost three thousand stones falling every twenty-four hours onto the earth. In the day you cannot see them because the sun is so bright, but in the night you can see them. It is a stone moving toward the earth, pulled by gravitation, with such speed that the friction makes it burn up; hence you see the light and you think it is a star.

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