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Chapter 17: Criminals Are Always Cowards

South America.

Full details will be available soon, as she goes on telling all the stories that she remembers.

She is the one who has told that Sheela stole forty-three million dollars from European communes. The money that was donated for Rajneeshpuram was prevented in Switzerland.

She feels that she will be able to remember the bank account, the bank’s name and everything under hypnosis, because some government agency got hold of her, threatened her, hypnotized her and made her forget everything that she has told them. So now our hypnotists are hypnotizing him.her, and she is coming back.

It is a simple process, there is no problem in it. To remove any hypnotic barrier is very simple. She can be dehypnotized. Then she will be able to remember everything correctly, exactly.

Who else do you believe was involved in the heroin scheme besides Sheela?

We have to see what comes out. There must have been few more people, because Sheela alone cannot do that. If an airplane goes, then there must be a pilot involved in it - perhaps innocently, not knowing what he is carrying. It is possible.

There may be other people involved who were purchasing the heroin for him, who were selling the heroin for him, the people who were taking heroin there in Latin America. Things will come out. They are coming out. Solid proofs soon will be out.

The only problem is the attorney general of Oregon. His effort is somehow to protect the criminals and destroy the commune. This is a great opportunity for him for which he has been looking for four years and could not find any excuse. Now this is a good excuse. He can give immunity to the criminals and they can point out to innocent people for all the crimes. And his desire is at least one thousand sannyasins should be imprisoned.

The second possibility is, if he cannot manage to give immunity to Sheela, which is not easy because the federal agencies are working in a very cooperative way and sannyasins are revealing everything to them, and they are now in.every solid proof in their hands to catch hold of the criminals.

The other thing is the attorney general can do: Sheela can be killed. Either she will be given immunity so that the crime can be thrown over innocent people; if that is not possible, then the easier way will be to kill her.

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