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Chapter 17: The Solitary Lion and His Tremendously Beautiful Roar

What is a beautiful and enlightened chap like you doing with a motley crew such as we? Actually, I don’t really want to know what you are doing.
Just, please, don’t stop doing it.

Every crowd is a motley crowd, but no individual is motley. Every individual is an authentic consciousness. The moment he becomes a part of the crowd, he loses his consciousness; then he is dominated by the collective, mechanical mind.

You are asking me what I am doing? I am doing a simple thing - bringing out individuals from the motley crowds, giving them their individuality and dignity.

I don’t want any crowds in the world. Whether they have gathered in the name of religion, or in the name of nationality, or in the name of race, it does not matter. The crowd as such is ugly, and the crowd has committed the greatest crimes in the world, because the crowd has no consciousness. It is a collective unconsciousness.

Consciousness makes one an individual - a solitary pine tree dancing in the wind, a solitary sunlit mountain peak in its utter glory and beauty, a solitary lion and his tremendously beautiful roar that goes on echoing for miles in the valleys.

The crowd is always of sheep; and all the efforts of the past have been to convert every individual into a cog in the wheel, into a dead part of a dead crowd. The more unconscious he is and the more his behavior is dominated by the collectivity, the less dangerous he is. In fact, he becomes almost harmless. He cannot destroy even his own slavery.

On the contrary, he starts glorifying his own slavery - his religion, his nation, his race, his color. These are his slaveries, but he starts glorifying them. As an individual he belongs to no crowd. Every child is born as an individual, but rarely does a man die as an individual.

My work is to help you meet your death with the same innocence, with the same integrity, with the same individuality as you have met your birth.

Between your birth and your death your dance should remain a conscious, solitary reaching to the stars; alone, uncompromising - a rebellious spirit. Unless you have a rebellious spirit, you don’t have a spirit at all. There is no other kind of spirit available.

And you can rest assured that I am not going to stop! That’s my only joy - to make as many people as possible free from their bondages, dark cells, their handcuffs, their chains; to bring them into light, so they can also know the beauties of this planet, the beauty of this sky, the beauties of this existence. Other than that, there is no God, and no God’s temple.

In freedom you can enter the temple. In a collectivity, in a crowd, you simply go on clinging to the corpses of the past. A man living according to the crowd has stopped living. He is simply following like a robot.

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