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Chapter 6: Why Wander Away?

Sadhu, who’s kidding who?
The formless in forms,
and forms within the formless,
so why wander away

They say, “He’s forever young, immortal.”
But the invisible remains unexpressed
no family, no character, no color,
yet permeating every being.

Some say, “He’s in each atom and the whole cosmos;”
others say, “He has no beginning or end.”
One says, “Atomic, cosmic - drop this bullshit!”
Kabir says, “He’s bhagwan!”

Vedas say, “Beyond forms
rests the formless.”
With form or not - forget it, blessed woman,
and see in all his home.
Never touched by happiness, sadness;
darshan day and night.
Covered in light, sleeping on light, head resting
on light.

Kabir says: “Listen, brother sadhu,
the real master’s light throughout.

To call him heavy, I’m much afraid.
To call him light’s a lie.
What do I know of Ram?
These eyes have never seen him.

Life is simple and straightforward. In life nothing whatsoever is complicated. Existence is not a puzzle, but a man’s mind is very intricate, and you have made a simple and straightforward thing both complicated and involved. Life is simple and straightforward, and that is the very reason you are unable to attain to life, why you are unable to live life in the right way. If life were arduous the mind would have solved the problem, the mind would have found some way to unravel it.

Existence is just in front of you and you are seeking it somewhere else. Your ego does not enjoy seeking something that is near. It asks, “What fun is there in seeking something close-by?” The ego does not like the idea of achieving something which is already achieved; getting that which it does not have, it considers a challenge.

The ego has a habit of turning the simplest of things into the most intricate of problems, and when it has molded things to its own liking, it then takes them as challenges, as things to be achieved. You then become engrossed in solving the very dilemma you have invented yourself. But remember this - if there were any complications in life they would have already been solved. There are no complications in life, and so nothing is ever solved - even though you keep trying, birth after birth.

Preserve this fact in your heart - life is to be lived; it is not a problem to be solved. Life is not a mathematical problem to be solved. On the contrary, life is a poem to be sung, a dance, a celebration in which you have to participate. Don’t stand apart and think about life. Don’t ponder it. The current of life is a continuous flow. Get into life. Don’t stand aloof from it; if you do, your relationship with life, your roots into life will be severed to the same degree.

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