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Chapter 5: The Meeting of Sun and Moon

Reason has always been afraid, and man has always been afraid because man is reason-oriented. Have you not observed it, that always man feels it is difficult to understand a woman and the mind of a woman? And the same is the feeling of women - they cannot understand men. A gap exists, as if they are not part of one humanity, as if they are different.

Let me tell you one anecdote:

An Italian debated with a Jew, “You Jews are so proud. There is tremendous propaganda claiming that you are the most intelligent people in the world. Sheer nonsense! In Italy, excavations have been made, and in some strata of the earth at least two thousand years old, wire has been found, which proves that our Roman ancestors at that time already had the telegraph.”

The Jew answered, “In Israel, excavations have been made in parts of the earth four thousand years old and nothing has been found, which means that we had the wireless before you had the telegraph.”

This is how logic functions. It is a hairsplitting, but it can go on and on. Even in love man remains rational, argumentative. Man is always trying to prove something.

Watch. A woman takes it for granted that everything is proved, and man goes on trying to prove something - always defensive. Somewhere deep in their sexuality is the root cause of it. When a man and a woman make love, the woman need not prove anything. She can just be passive, but the man has to prove his manhood. From that very effort to prove his manhood, man is continuously defensive and always trying to prove something or other.

The whole of philosophy is nothing but finding proofs for God. Science is nothing but finding proofs for theories. Women have never been interested in philosophy; they take life for granted, they accept it, they are not defensive in anyway, as if they have proved already. Their being seems to be more circular; the circle seems to be complete. That may be the cause of their body being so round. It has a shape of roundness. Man has corners, and is always ready to fight and argue, even in moments of love.

I was reading about Somerset Maugham:

When Somerset Maugham, the writer, was nearly ninety, he had a bout with influenza. One day a lady admirer phoned and asked if she might send fruit and flowers.

“It is too late for fruit,” Maugham replied, “and too early for flowers.”

Such a simple gesture of love. Logic enters immediately.

One very famous woman, a dancer, an actress, and one of the most beautiful, asked Bernard Shaw, “Would you like to marry me?”

Bernard said, “For what?”

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