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Chapter 5: Session 5

Tenth. I have always wanted to speak of Shankaracharya - the first, not the present one - the original Shankaracharya, the Shankaracharya. I had decided to speak on his famous book, Vivek Chudamani - The Crest Jewel of Awareness. At the last moment.you know I am a madman; at the last moment I decided not to speak on it. The reason was simple: the book is more logic than love, and I would have had to suffer that logic. It is not a small book. It is a big book and I was going to speak on it for eight months continuously. It would have been a long journey and it was better to call it off, so I decided not to speak on it. But it has to be included among the great books that I am counting.

Vivek Chudamani, by Shankaracharya, has of course here and there diamonds, flowers, stars. But the brahmin rubbish in between is too much and too thick, I could not tolerate it. But the book is great - you cannot renounce a mine of diamonds just because there are too many stones and so much mud around.

Eleventh, and the last in the series: Hazrat Mohammed’s Koran. The Koran is not a book to be read but a book to be sung. If you read it you will miss it. If you sing it you may, God willing, perhaps find it.

The Koran was not written by a scholar or a philosopher. Mohammed was absolutely illiterate, he could not even sign his own name, but he was possessed by the spirit of God. Because of his innocence he was chosen and started the song, and that song is the Koran.

I don’t understand Arabic, but I understand the Koran because I can understand the rhythm and the beauty of the rhythm, of the Arabic sounds. Who cares about the meaning! When you see a flower do you ask, “What does it mean?” The flower is enough. When you see a flame, do you ask, “What does it mean?” A flame is enough. Its beauty is its meaning. Its very meaninglessness, if rhythmic, is meaningful.

So is the Koran, and I am thankful that I am allowed by God - and remember, there is no God, this is only an expression. Nobody is allowing me. Inshallah, thank God I am allowed to end this series with the Koran, the most beautiful, the most meaningless, the most significant but yet the most illogical book in the whole history of humanity.