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Chapter 8: Another Sunday

Whenever you create something you participate with the creator - you have become a small creator in your own right. If you write a small poem or you sing a song, maybe nobody likes it, nobody applauds it, but that is irrelevant. You enjoyed it. Singing, you were happy, you participated in that moment with God, you helped him to create a song, you became instrumental. In fact, whatsoever is created is created by him - you allowed him to create a small song through you. Then you feel tremendously good, good about yourself.

And that is one of the basic qualities of a religious man: he always feels good about himself. He is not in any way guilty, guilt does not exist in him because he lived life as he wanted to live it; he loved his life the way it happened; it was the only life he wanted to live. Then there is no guilt. Remember, a guilty person is not a religious person. A guilty person is ill, a guilty person is neurotic, a guilty person needs psychiatric help.

A religious person feels tremendously good about himself; whatsoever he is doing, he is doing something intrinsically valuable. This should be insisted upon as much as possible: worth in life arises only when you do something intrinsically valuable.

There are two types of values in life. One is intrinsic value. You sing a song - it has an intrinsic value, it is the means and it is the end also. Or you sing a song in the marketplace to earn a little money. That money is not intrinsic to the song, that money is an outside value. And if you are singing your song only for the money, the activity is no longer holy, it is profane. If you are singing your song for the happiness that it brings to you. Maybe as a byproduct it brings money also, but that is irrelevant. If it brings, it is good, if it does not bring, that too is good - but your activity has an inner glow to it, it is intrinsically valuable in itself. If you are happy that you could sing, you are happy that you had an opportunity to sing, then every day will become meditative, holy.

If you are doing the meditations here correctly, this is going to happen to everybody. That’s my whole effort here: to help you enjoy each moment as it comes.

“As a child, Sundays have been something very special to me. Now, since a few days, I wake up every morning, see the sun shining through the trees, hear the birds singing and get this feeling: “Ah, another Sunday.” I put on my best clothes and have Sunday for the whole day. What is happening to me?”

Something tremendously beautiful is happening to you. Allow it to happen. Don’t help your mind to create any trouble.

The mind will try because the mind feels happy only when there is some misery. Mind’s happiness is not your happiness and your happiness is never mind’s happiness. Your goals are different; in fact, diametrically opposite. Mind feels happy only when you are miserable - then there is something to do, then mind becomes dominating, then he can dictate: do this, do that. One has to fight with the misery so one has to take the advice of the mind. When you are happy, mind is not needed. You can discard it, there is no need for it.

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