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Chapter 3: Session 3

I gave the bookseller my whole month’s salary. You cannot understand, because for that whole month I had to almost starve. But it was worth it. I can remember that beautiful month: no food, no clothes - not even shelter; because I could not pay the rent I was thrown out of my small room. But I was happy with Tertium Organum under the sky. I read that book under a street lamp - it is a confession - and I have lived that book. That book is so beautiful, and more so now that I know that the man did not know at all. How could he have managed it then? It must have been a conspiracy of the gods, something from the beyond. I cannot resist anymore from using the name the Sufis use; they call it Khidr. Khidr is the agency that guides those who need guidance.

Tertium Organum is the second book.

Third: Geet Govind - the song of God. This book was written by a poet very much condemned by Indians, because in Geet Govind, his song of God, he talks too much of love. Indians are so against love that they have never appreciated this great work.

Geet Govind is something which should be sung. Nothing can be said about it. It is a Baul song, the song of a madman. If you dance and sing it, you will understand it - there is no other way.

I am not mentioning the name of the man who wrote it. That is not important. X-Y-Z.not that I don’t know his name, but I will not mention it for the simple reason that he does not belong to the world of the buddhas. Yet he has done a great service.

Fourth: Now be patient, because I have to complete the list to ten. I cannot count more than that. Why ten? - because I have ten fingers. That’s how the number ten came into existence: ten fingers. Man started counting on his fingers so ten became the basic number.

Fourth: Kundkund’s Samayasar. I have never spoken about it. I decided to many times but always dropped the idea. This is one of the greatest books the Jainas have produced, but it is very mathematical; that’s why I have always dropped it. I love poetry. If it was poetic I would have spoken on it. I have even spoken on unenlightened poets, but not on even enlightened mathematicians and logicians. Mathematics is so dry, logic is a desert.

Perhaps he is around here among my sannyasins.but he cannot be. Kundkund was an enlightened master, he cannot be born again. His book is beautiful, I can only say that much. I will not say anything more because it is mathematical.. Mathematics too has its beauty, its rhythm, that’s why I appreciate it. It has its own truth but it is very limited, and very right-handed.

Samayasar means the essence. If by chance you ever come across Kundkund’s Samayasar, then please never hold it in your left hand. Keep it in the right hand. It is a right-hand book, right in every way. That is why I have declined up till now to speak about it. It is so right that I feel a little aversion to it - of course with tears in my eyes, because I know the beauty of the man who wrote it. I love Kundkund, and I hate from my guts his mathematical expression.

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