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Chapter 24: A Great Waiting.a Great Longing for the Unknown

“Why not?” asks Sandy, “have you not got the nerve?”

“It is not that,” says Hamish, “I have not got the money.”

Grandma Rosenbaum, aged seventy, is complaining of stomach pains to Dr. Bones.

Bones examines her thoroughly and announces his findings.

“The truth is, Mrs. Rosenbaum,” he says, “you are pregnant.”

“That is impossible!” cries Grandma. “I am seventy years old, and my husband is eighty-two.”

Bones insists that his tests are right, so Grandma Rosenbaum reaches for the telephone and dials the nursing home, where Grandpa Rosenbaum is rocking in his chair.

When he is on the phone, Grandma yells out, “You old goat, you have got me pregnant!”

“Please,” says Grandpa, “who did you say is calling?”

This is such a hilarious world and religions have made it so sad. It should be full of songs and music and dance. But it seems we are so deeply contaminated, poisoned with misery and suffering that even when you laugh you don’t laugh with your totality.

You are holding even your laughter; you can watch it that you are holding it - except one man. You all know who that one man is. Give a real good laugh so everybody knows.

(Everyone in Buddha Hall laughs, but the laughter of Sardar Gurudayal Singh is still the loudest.)

For the past two months I have been taking care of my sister while she was dying of cancer in hospital. I was able to give her love and physical care, and although, while she was in the last days of coma I was constantly playing your discourses to her, I felt I failed to introduce her to meditation; she refused to face death.
Osho, it’s a puzzle to me that after all the torture and suffering she must have felt, at the last moment a big smile started to grow more and more on her face. Osho, could you comment on her smile and on my trying to introduce her to meditation?

The question you have asked raises a very fundamental thing, and that is: if by chance - and I will explain to you what I mean by chance - if by chance somebody dies in great suffering like cancer, the suffering of the cancer does not allow the person to fall into unconsciousness.

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