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Chapter 8: Running with Your Whole Heart

It is dangerous, but the one who is ready to pass through dangers is the one who I call a sannyasin. The danger is that this shore is being left behind without knowing whether you will reach the other shore or not. You have trusted a madman.

This is possible only in great love. Such trust can happen only in extraordinary love.

The disciple is someone who has fallen in love with me, who is ready to drown with me - not just to enter the water, but who is ready to drown with me. If I say that I am going to hell, the disciple wants to go there. If it is possible for him to go to heaven, but without me, he won’t go. With me he will be happy - even to go to hell. To be a disciple takes great courage, unprecedented courage.

Sita has asked: “Osho, from what I was to what I have become, I did not even notice it..” You will not notice, one doesn’t notice. This revolution takes place so silently, that not even footsteps are heard when it happens. If you are willing to open yourself, it occurs in silence. There is no sound at all.

“Osho, from what I was to what I have become,
I did not even notice it.
Locking your eyes into mine, you stole my life.
The strings of my heart sing songs of Holi,
You have drenched me in color.”

The disciple is one who is eager to look into my eyes, the disciple is one who says, “Pour yourself into me. I am empty, empty in every possible way. Fill me up.” Such a readiness is disciplehood.

Now, this is a straightforward matter. I am interested in such empty vessels, I am interested in disciples. If you become like Sita, then come. Otherwise, may God bless you wherever you are. May God bless you, whatever state you are in.

Enough for today.