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Chapter 1: Session 1

Fourth is Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

The fifth book is Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

The sixth is The Parables of Chuang Tzu. He was the most lovable man, and this is the most lovable book.

Seventh is The Sermon on the Mount - only The Sermon on the Mount not the whole Bible. The whole Bible is just bullshit except The Sermon on the Mount.

Eighth.is my numbering right? That’s good. Then you can feel that I am still in my insanity. The eighth, Bhagavadgita - the divine song of Krishna. By the way Christ is only a mispronunciation of Krishna just as Zoroaster is of Zarathustra. Krishna means the highest state of consciousness, and the song of Krishna, the Bhagavadgita, reaches to the ultimate heights of being.

Ninth, Gitanjali. It means “an offering of songs.” It is the work of Rabindranath Tagore, for which he got the Nobel Prize.

And the tenth is the songs of Milarepa - The One Thousand Songs of Milarepa - that’s how it is called in Tibetan.

No one spoke.
The host,
the guest,
nor the white chrysanthemum.

Ahhh!.so beautiful.the white chrysanthemum. Aahhh, so beautiful. Words are so poor. I cannot describe what is being brought to me.

The white chrysanthemum.
No one spoke.
The host,
the guest,
the white chrysanthemum.

Good. Because of this beauty, my ears are incapable of even hearing the noise, my eyes are filling with tears.

Tears are the only words the unknown can speak,

the language of silence.