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Chapter 5: Love Needs No Time

Mind is divided into two hemispheres. One hemisphere thinks, is logical. The other hemisphere loves, intuits, is not logical. One hemisphere proceeds methodologically. The other hemisphere jumps.without any methodology. It takes quantum leaps. One hemisphere is always a continuous track. The other is a discontinuity.

Your left-side brain is logical - prose, male, aggressive, violent, ambitious. Your right-side brain is feminine - non-ambitious, poetic, aesthetic. Your right hand is connected with the left hemisphere, and your left hand is collected with the right hemisphere. That’s why the right hand has become so important.

The right hand has become so important because we have made logic the king. The left hand is neglected, ignored, is thought to be lower, in the East is thought to be almost untouchable. Why? The question is not of the hands - deep down the question is about the division of your brain.

The right hand seems to be right, and the left hand seems to be wrong. This is an ugly state of affairs. The left hand has much to contribute. And without its contribution life becomes a drag, a drudgery, because without poetry there can be no joy, and without intuitiveness there can be no celebration. And without the sensitivity for beauty, life becomes meaningless. Maybe it can become a successful business, but it remains deep down existentially a failure. And unless you succeed existentially, you have failed, utterly failed. And it is very unfortunate that very few succeed existentially. Those who succeed, they are the Sufis, they are the Buddhas.

To succeed existentially means to live moment-to-moment in utter joy. Logic cannot allow you. Joy itself appears to logic as illogical. Misery seems to be more logical. All the logicians are agreed upon the fact that life is a misery. It is a pain in the neck, it is anguish, it is despair. All the logicians are agreed upon it that the only fundamental question to be faced by man is suicide.

Those who can dance and sing and celebrate and jubilate look mad. Jesus looks mad! Rumi looks mad. Me era looks mad. These are the Sufis, these are the lovers. They have a totally different vision of life.

Just as the human mind is divided into two, love and logic, exactly the same way the whole earth has become divided into two: the East and the West. The West has chosen the path of logic and the East has chosen the path of love.

The earliest reference of a Western philosopher to Indian philosophy is that of Megasthenes, the Ambassador of Seleucus Nicator at the court of Chandragupta, who reported in the third century BC that he had visited ‘gymnosophists’ in India - the naked wise men of India. He calls them ‘gymnosophists’ - he is talking about the Jainas. They are not sophists at all.

A sophist is exactly against the Sufi. A sophist is one who exults in argumentation, who loves to argue, whose whole life is devoted to reasoning. His whole life is dedicated to only one thing: how to conquer the opponent. By right means or wrong means is irrelevant - the question is: how to defeat the opponent.

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