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Chapter 13: Be, Know Thyself, Keep the Measure

The Hindu scriptures say - and you can see it - that in India Gautam Buddha’s influence has completely disappeared. The whole of Asia became influenced by Gautam Buddha - faraway countries like Korea and Taiwan and China and Mongolia and Japan and Sri Lanka and Burma. The whole of Asia except India became Buddhist. What happened to India?

Buddhism simply disappeared from India as if Buddha had never been born here. The Hindu priest is more cunning than the masses who crucified Jesus and the masses who decided to poison Socrates. The Hindu priest is far more ancient, far more cunning, far more clever; he knows that if you kill somebody, then there will remain sympathizers. Then there is a possibility that a religion may become consolidated just because the founder was killed.

Christianity is not founded by Jesus but by the cross; hence I have always called it Crossianity. It has nothing to do with Jesus. If Jews had been a little more sophisticated, as Hindus were, they would have tolerated Jesus. He was not doing any harm. Even if he was saying that he is the only begotten son of God, what is the harm? Let him believe it. All that he needs is some psychiatric help. But crucifixion is not psychiatric help.

Hindu priests have written that God created the world - he created heaven and hell - and he appointed the Devil to rule over hell, but millions of years passed and nobody entered hell because nobody was committing any sin. The Devil became tired. He reached God and he said, “I resign! What kind of job? Millions of years I am waiting.not a single soul has ever reached. You can appoint somebody else.”

God said, “Don’t be worried. Go back. I will make arrangements so that people start entering into hell. I will be born as Gautam Buddha in India and I will corrupt people’s minds and they will start going astray from the authentic Hindu religion. Then don’t blame me. Hell will be overcrowded and you will have to control it.”

Since then, the Devil is perfectly happy, his empire has been growing. All the Buddhists that have disappeared from India are in hell. And this was a strategy: Gautam Buddha was condemned by the Hindus exactly in the same terms, but in a very cunning way.

Socrates was condemned by saying that he was corrupting the youth - and the same was the case about Gautam Buddha, but it was enough just to spread the idea: “He is a god so you can worship him. But remember, don’t get influenced by him, don’t follow him.”

He is certainly a god - Hindus accept him as one of the reincarnations of God, but his reincarnation is to “corrupt people so that the Devil is satisfied.” Do you see the sophisticated way? They don’t deny Gautam Buddha’s godhood, but they deny his philosophy, his religion. They say it is all corruption, to make people go astray from virtue.

It is a strange fact that Hindus have succeeded in destroying Gautam Buddha far more successfully than the Jews with Jesus, or the people who killed Socrates. They have all failed.

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