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Chapter 9: The Monkey in the Forest

The unconscious man is a helpless victim of circumstances; he is accidental. He has no intrinsic value yet because he has not created any inner light yet. Only with consciousness you have intrinsic value; otherwise your life is just accidental.

When a child was born in Bethlehem, three kings came bearing gifts for him in the stable where he lay.

The first king came forward, putting down his gift of frankincense and myrrh before the cradle. The second king set down his gift of a large bar of gold. The third king advanced with his gift, but tripped over the bar of gold.

“Jesus Christ!” he exclaimed.

The father of the child looked up at him and said, “That’s a good name! We were thinking of calling him Fred.”

Your names, your lives, your everything is accidental. Consciousness will make you go beyond accidents.

For if the roots hold firm,
a felled tree grows up again.
If desires are not uprooted,
sorrows grow again in you.

Remember: there is no other revolution except consciousness. It cuts the desires from the very roots and it brings freedom to you.

Enough for today.