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Chapter 3: Session 3

Now my work begins. What a joke! The joke of all jokes is that Sosan, the Chinese sage, was knocking at the door of my consciousness. These mystics are too much. You can never know at what moment they will start knocking at your doors. You are making love to your girlfriend, and Sosan comes and starts knocking. They come all the time - anytime - they do not believe in any etiquette. And what was he saying to me? He was saying, “Why haven’t you included my book?”

My God, that is true! I have not included his book in my list for the simple reason that his book contains all that is. If I include his book then nothing else is needed, then no other book is needed. Sosan is enough unto himself. His book is called Hsin Hsin Ming.

Hsin has to be written not like the English sin but h-s-i-n. Now you know the Chinese: what a way to commit a sin! Hsin.Hsin Hsin Ming.

Okay Sosan, I include your book too. That becomes my first book today. I am sorry, it should have been the first from the very beginning, but I have already talked about twenty others. It doesn’t matter. Hsin Hsin Ming, whether I said it or not, is the foremost, the first. Write the FIRST, Devageet, in capital letters.

Hsin Hsin Ming is such a small book that if Sosan had known that one day, after him, Gurdjieff would write a book called All and Everything, he would have laughed, because that title belongs to his own book. And Gurdjieff had to write one thousand pages, yet the few words of Sosan are far more penetrating, far more significant. They go directly to your heart.

I can even hear the noise - not of those words going to your heart, but some mouse, some devil, doing his work. Let him do his work.

Sosan’s book is so small, just like Isa Upanishad, and far more significant. When I say that my heart breaks because I would like Isa to be the ultimate book, but what can I do? - Sosan has defeated it. Tears come to my eyes because Isa is defeated, and also because Sosan is victorious.

The book is so small, you can write it on your palm; but if you try, please remember.the left hand. Don’t write it on the right hand, that will be sacrilege. They say, “Right is right and left is wrong.” I say left is right and right is wrong, because the left represents all that is beautiful in you, and Sosan can enter only through the left. I know because I have entered thousands of hearts through the left hand, through the left side, through their feminine, their yin - I mean the Chinese yin; I have never been able to enter anybody through his yang. The very word is enough to prevent anybody: yang. It seems to say “Keep away!” It says “Stop. Do not enter here. Keep off! Beware of the dog!”

The right is like that. The right belongs to the wrong side of your consciousness. It is useful, but only as a servant. It should never be the master. So if you write Sosan’s Hsin Hsin Ming, write it on your left palm.

It is such a beautiful book, each word is golden. I cannot conceive of a single word that could be deleted. It is exactly that which is needed, required, to say the truth. Sosan must have been a tremendously logical man, at least while he was writing his Hsin Hsin Ming.

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