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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

The one who can reach within himself can reach into anyone, because he has found a way to the depths, to the very innermost core where we are all one.

That’s why, whenever you go to a person like Buddha or Mahavira, another, inner way, is available to them, from which they see your interiority. From there, they see you as you have never seen yourself; although you don’t become aware of it because to you, it seems as if they are merely seeing you from the outside. That’s why, in all the traditions, so much emphasis is laid on surrendering totally to the master - because the surrender itself can become the path. The master knows that which even you do not know about yourself. And what you say about yourself is hardly worth anything, the information you give about yourself has hardly any value, because, after all, what do you know of yourself? All you have seen is just the most superficial part of your own wave.

You may not be able to understand what he says because he sees deep within you, he sees you from a place that you have no connection with, that you have not yet established a relationship with.

Total surrender means letting go of your identity completely, dropping whatever ideas you may have. Now, you are ready to follow a path which only the master knows about - you don’t.

So if a wave reaches inside itself, it also enters other waves. Then it comes to know that just to be a wave is not the reality, the reality is to be a part of the ocean. It knows that the other waves are not different from it, no matter how much they might seem to be; that we are all the play of the same ocean.

And the third thing it comes to know is that even though it will disappear as a wave, there is no way it can disappear as the ocean. This is precisely the experience of immortality. So if the sages have said that the soul never dies, don’t take it to mean that you will not die. You will certainly die: since you are born, you will also have to die. But the soul doesn’t die. The soul is that ocean within you which never dies. But of course the wave within you will certainly die.

But right now you think you are only the wave. That is why there is a lot of misunderstanding: people read somewhere that the soul never dies, and they take it to mean that they will never die. You have to die! There is no way you can escape from this. But when I say that you will die, I am saying: that which you think is you will die. But there is also a center within you that you do not know to be you and that will never die. As a wave, death is certain, as an ocean, deathlessness is certain.

Now let us enter these sutras.

The fifth sutra:

Store in your memory the melody you hear.

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