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Chapter 10: Thus Come, Thus Gone

The mother will help you to become independent. She will help you to become individual. She will love you, but she will not try to force anything on you. She will give her love to you, but will not give her knowledge to you. She will send you into the world to find your own truth, to find your own life. She will not give you a pattern or a mold. She will not structure you, she will simply help you, whatsoever you can be.

The mother is just the ideal, it rarely happens. Mummy you can find anywhere. The mother is just the ideal, the utopian ideal - one who can give birth to your soul. Only a Buddha can be a mother, or a Meera can be a mother, or a Krishna, or a Mohammed can be a mother - only one who can give you your soul, your destiny.

Mummy is just biological. The concept of mother is spiritual. And Ma is very simple to understand. Ma is a woman who is suffering from a disease called Oshoitis!

Enough for today.