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Chapter 8: Not Knowing Life Is Death

If even one hundred, two hundred individuals could experience the inner flame, we will be out of danger. The darkness of millions of people can be dispelled with the inner flame of the few. Even a tiny lamp cuts through a long darkness. With the presence in a village of a single man who has known the immortality of the soul, the whole atmosphere, the whole vibe, the entire life of the village will change. A single flower blooms and its fragrance spreads to faraway places. The very presence of a person who has known the immortality of the soul can bring about the purification of the spirit of an entire village.

This country is full of sadhus, monks and other people who make themselves hoarse shouting “The soul is immortal” - there is a whole line of them, a huge crowd. And yet, such a low moral character! Such a downfall of the country! This degradation proves they are all involved in a double-dealing business. None of these people know anything about the soul. Look at the crowd, at this queue, at this platoon of sadhus, at this whole great circus of sadhus all over the country. Some clown with bandages over their mouths, some perform acrobatics with a staff in their hands, others present yet another type of circus! Such a crowd of people know the soul and this country is in such a decline! It’s hard to believe.

There are people who blame the common man for causing the moral decline in the world. I would like to say they are wrong. The common man has always been the same. In the past, around the world, the moral character was high because of a few self-realized individuals. The common man always remained the same; he has remained unchanged. There have been a few beings, of course, who always raised, always uplifted human consciousness. Their very presence has always worked as a catalytic agent and has always elevated human life.

The responsibility for the present low state of human character lies with these sadhus, with the so-called holy men, with the hypocrites and charlatans who talk about religion. The common man bears no responsibility for it whatsoever. Neither did he before, nor does he now.

If you want to change the world, stop talking nonsense about improving the moral conduct of each and every person, about teaching moral education to everyone. If you want to change the world, a few individuals will have to be willing to go through very intense inner experiments. Those who are ready to undergo the experiment deep within themselves.. Not too many, just a hundred people. If a hundred individuals in a country reach a point of knowing what the soul is, the life of that entire country will be automatically uplifted. With the presence of a hundred shining lamps the whole country can be uplifted.

I agreed to speak on this subject only because I felt that in case some courageous man came forward, I would invite him, “Come on! If you are ready to go on an inward journey, I am willing to take you. There, it can be shown what life is and what death is.”