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Chapter 2: Towards the Birth of a New Man

I am very pleased to be present among you.

Certainly, on this occasion, I would like to share some of my heartfelt views with you.

It is painful to see the present condition of education. Birth of a free and healthy man is not possible in a condition where, in the name of education, all sorts of slaveries are nourished.

The root causes for the ugliness and crippledness humanity is caught in are hidden in our education. The present education has cut man off from nature certainly, but has not been able to give birth to any refinement, to any culture. Instead, it has given birth to unnatural life. Every generation goes on imposing this unnaturalness on the next generation. And when this unnaturalness is considered refinement and culture, no wonder if even this act of imposition takes the color of a virtuous deed. When a sin masks itself as virtue, it becomes very dangerous.

That is why exploitation hides itself behind service, violence puts on the garb of nonviolence, and unnaturalness wears the mask of refinement. It is not without reason that irreligion resides in the temples of religion. Irreligion never presents itself direct and naked. So it is always appropriate that mere clothing should not be relied upon. It is necessary to uncover things and see them as they are.

I would like to look at education, exposing it. I hope you will not feel bad about it. I am helpless, it is necessary to do so. To see the real soul of education it is necessary to remove its so-called clothing, because in extremely beautiful clothes, certainly some ugly, unhealthy soul is residing; otherwise the life of human beings would not have been so full of hate, violence, and irreligiousness.

When we find bitter, poisonous fruits on the tree of life, does it not remind us of our having sown the wrong seeds? If the seeds are right, how can wrong fruits be grown? What else does the fact of the tree being full of poisonous fruits indicate? If the man is found wrong, certainly the education is not right.

It is possible that you may not have been thinking on similar lines to me, and my thoughts may not match with yours, but I do not want you to agree with me; all I request is that you listen to me. Only that much is enough. It is enough to listen to the truth, silently. It is only untruth that insists on being believed. Truth brings results just by its being listened to.

Listening rightly to the truth becomes its acceptance.

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