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Chapter 10: Meditation Has a Great Future

You said at the Nargol meditation camp held recently, that the sadhana or discipline of kundalini is a way of preparing the body. Will you please explain this?

First, the body and the soul, at their very base, are not separate; the difference between them is very superficial. When the whole truth of it is understood, we no longer see the body and the soul as two separate entities; we really see them as one and the same. In fact, the body is the part of the soul which can be sensed, and the soul is the part of the body which is beyond the grasp of the senses. So the soul is the invisible part of the body, and the body is the visible part of the soul.

But this is understood only when you come to the ultimate experiencing of truth.

It is ironic that in general, we all believe that the body and soul are one and the same thing. But this general belief is illusory, because we don’t really know what the soul is. Rather, we take the body for the soul. But even this popular, illusory belief stems from the same basic truth; behind it lies the same knowledge of this oneness. In some invisible part of our being we really do know that the body and soul are one.

This knowledge of oneness has, however, given rise to two kinds of errors. On the one hand there are the spiritualists, who say there is only the soul and no body, and on the other, there are the materialists like Charvaka and Epicurus, who declare that there is only the body and there is no soul. These two mistaken and contradictory concepts both arise from the same profound realization that the body and soul are not separate.

And like the materialists, every ordinary person - who we call ignorant - thinks that he is only a body. But as the inward journey begins, the belief that the body and soul are one will be shattered, and you will come to understand that they are separate -because as soon as you know that there is a soul, you also know that the body is separate, and the soul is also separate. But this happens in the middle of the journey. When you go deeper and still deeper, when you attain to the ultimate experiencing, you will experience that they are not separate. They are really one and the same; they are different forms of the same reality.

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