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Chapter 20: Tears of Gratitude

But nobody is too tired. Whatever they had been doing the whole day, they could have waited, alert and awake, if there had been trust. But nobody trusted, from the very beginning. They thought that the chief is senile. They agreed to clean the temple because that looked rational. For years no cleaning has been done. They agreed to bring flowers, to put candles. They said, “There is no harm in it; it will be just a beautiful festive day.”

But all along they knew nobody was coming. The sleep was not just ordinary sleep, it was sleep supported by their logic, by their doubt. They knew nobody was coming - that was for sure.

These experiences will be happening more and more to you because there are so few people. And I want the mystery school to contain only a few people so that they can be in immediate contact with me. Just remember one thing: that whenever such a thing happens, be grateful and wait. If existence wills it, it will happen again; if it is not helpful to you, it will not happen again. But whatever happens will be for your good.

This is trust. And in trust you will find things are happening more and more, and you are growing higher and higher into the superconscious realms of being.

And your tears will not be just unburdening you. Your tears will be of gratitude, of great thankfulness, because you have not done anything and something has happened. You don’t deserve it, and it has still happened. Tears should be - and they will be coming, but they will be a joy unto themselves - they will be of gratitude.

Thankfulness cannot be expressed in words as far as existence is concerned. It does not understand language, but it understands tears.

You spoke the other day of how, when an individual dies, he almost immediately finds another womb. But what happens when people die en masse, as happens in wartime or in an earthquake, for example? How can there be that many wombs available at one time? Also, if a Third World War should happen, or AIDS eliminates two thirds of the world’s population, what will happen to those souls for whom there are no wombs available?

This is an intellectual question - not of much significance. But this earth is populated right now with five billion people, two and a half billion couples. How big can an earthquake can be? Even how big can a war be? These billions of people are ready to receive new children, new guests, into their wombs. So up to now there has not been a problem. But if anything happens that is too big that souls cannot find wombs, then according to scientific calculation there are at least five million planets in the whole universe on which life exists. They don’t know of what kind, on what level, but on five million planets.and this is a very orthodox estimate.

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