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Chapter 9: The Ultimate Freedom

Yes it can. But there no longer remains any meaning, any purpose in entering another dead body: the other body was dead because the soul had found it unsuitable to reside in. The body was discarded because it had become useless, hence there is no point in entering that body. Nevertheless, it is indeed possible to enter another body.

It’s no use asking, however, how one can enter another body when we don’t even know how we exist in the body we are already in. What can be gained by thinking about such worthless things as entering another body? We don’t even know how we entered the body we have now. We don’t even know how we are living in our body. We have never had the experience of seeing our own body separate from us.

In any case, there is no reason for entering another body; however, in scientific terms, it can be said that it is possible to enter another body - because, basically, a body cannot be seen in terms of yours and mine. All bodies are external. When a soul enters a mother’s womb it is actually entering a body - a very small body, an atomic body, but entering a body nevertheless. The cell that is created on the first day in a mother’s womb contains the whole inbuilt program in itself. For example, the possibility that one’s hair may turn gray fifty years from the time of conception is hidden in that tiny little seed. Potentially, the seed contains within itself what the color of your eyes will be, how long your hands will be, whether you’ll have a healthy body or a sick body, whether you’ll be white or black, whether or not you’ll have curly hair. It is a tiny body, an atomic body. The soul enters this atomic body. It enters in accordance with the structure of the atomic body, with the situation the atomic body is in.

The sole reason human consciousness has been declining daily is because married couples are not creating suitable opportunities for superior souls to take birth. Whatever opportunities are being created are for the birth of inferior souls. It is not necessarily so that, following a man’s death, his soul may soon find the opportunity to take birth. Ordinary souls, which are neither very superior nor very inferior, find new bodies within thirteen days from the death of the body; however, very inferior souls are stopped from taking birth because it is very difficult to find a suitable opportunity, a womb that low in quality. We call these inferior souls ghosts and evil spirits. Very superior souls are prevented from taking birth too, because they don’t find suitable opportunities, wombs that high in quality, either. We call these superior souls, gods.

In the past, the number of evil spirits was very large while the number of gods was very small. In the present day, the number of ghosts and evil spirits has greatly decreased and the number of gods has increased, because the opportunity for the birth of godlike people has diminished whereas the opportunity for the birth of evil souls has increased rapidly. By entering human bodies, ghosts and evil spirits, which otherwise used to be held back from taking birth, have now all joined the human race! That’s why it’s so difficult to see ghosts and evil spirits nowadays. One need not see them, however. Just look at man and you have seen them!

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