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Chapter 19: The Path of Truth Is Only for Gamblers

In sleep they can stumble, in sleep anything is possible. And this is the conflict that goes on. They don’t know even why they are continuously quarreling. They feel sometimes that they are quarreling about stupid things, petty, meaningless, and they wonder why they go on fighting about such stupid things. But they never discover that the foundation lying underneath what they want, is that they want to become one with the lover or the beloved.

Even the act of making love is nothing but an effort to become one, somehow to become joined; rather than being two bodies, to become one body. But it is not going to satisfy because the need is to become one soul, not one body.

So love, strangely, frustrates people more than anything else in existence, for the simple reason that it goes on giving you the hope that perhaps - because this is the biggest and the greatest thing that you know - there may come a moment when you may become one. But at the most you can become one with the body, and then you are stuck; your souls are as apart as ever. There is no meeting of the souls.

After making love to a woman you are not happy, the woman is not happy. Something unknown has been missing in it - nothing that can be pointed out by them, but it was not what they were hoping for, it was not the goal of their desire. It fell short, and each time it falls short, frustration gets deeper, boredom gets deeper, hopelessness settles. One starts thinking, “Perhaps we are not made for each other. Perhaps it is time to change partners, to find somebody else.”

But the same will happen with everybody. There is no way to make it a reality at that stage, where you are both asleep.

So the relationship with the master is unique.

You withdraw all your barriers, you destroy all the walls, you make all possible bridges, and you are just a welcome. And you wait patiently, trusting that when everything is ready, and even the shadow of a no is not there and yes is all over the space, the master is bound to come in. And that is the greatest gift the master can give to the disciple. You lose nothing and you gain immensely, incalculably.

So all that is needed on the part of the disciple is not to repeat old patterns of many kinds of relationships with the master. Let it be a new relationship which you have never lived. Let it be absolutely untouched by your past. Let it be unique. And that’s why I insist again and again, that the disciple needs guts, courage.

To leave oneself unguarded after many, many lives of guarding, protecting, not letting anyone in, has become almost second nature. To break through this whole structure, to rise above it - certainly courage, great courage is needed.

Courage simply means risking everything - whatever the consequence, not thinking of the consequence - risking your very life. It is a gamble; you don’t know what is going to happen. You have never experienced anything like that before - how can you know?

So you are putting at risk, at stake, everything that you know, for something that you know not; hence I have said many times: the path of truth is only for gamblers.

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