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Chapter 29: Methods for the Dropping of Mind

Acceptance in this world becomes transcendence for that. Total acceptance here will lead you, will transform you to the other dimension, the hidden dimension, because all your energy is relieved; it is not engaged here. Tantra believes deeply in the concept of niyati - fate. Tantra says, take this world as your fate and do not be worried about it. Once you take it as your niyati, as your fate, you accept it, whatsoever it is. You are not worried about changing it, about making it different, about making it according to your desire. Once you accept it as it is and you are not bothered by it, your total energy is relieved, and then this energy can penetrate inwards.

These techniques can be helpful only if you take this attitude; otherwise they will not be helpful. And they look so simple. If you start them directly as you are, they will seem simple, but you will not succeed in them. The basic framework is lacking. Acceptance is the basic framework. Once the acceptance is there in the background, these very simple methods will work wonders.

The sixth method concerning sound:

Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony.

Any sound will do, but if you love a certain sound it will be better, because if you love a certain sound then the sound is not just sound. When you intone the sound, then you are also intoning a hidden feeling with it, and by and by the sound will be dropped and only feeling will remain.

The sound has to be used as a passage toward feeling. Sound is mind and feeling is heart. Mind has to use a passage toward the heart. It is difficult to enter the heart directly. Because we have been missing it so much and for so many lives, we do not know from where to move to the heart. How to enter it? The door seems closed.

We go on talking about the heart, but that talk also is just in the mind. We say that we love through the heart, but this too is cerebral; in the head. Even the talk of the heart is in the head. And we do not know where the heart is. I do not mean the physical part of it, we know about that. But then physicians will say, medical science will say, that there is no possibility of love in it. It is just a pumping system. Nothing else is in it, and all else is just myth and poetry and dreaming.

But Tantra knows a deep center hidden behind your physical heart. That deep center can only be reached through the mind because we are standing in the mind. We are there in the head, and any travel inwards has to begin from there. Mind is sound. If all sound stops, you won’t have any mind. In silence there is no mind - that is why there is so much insistence on silence. Silence is a no-mind state.

Ordinarily we say, “My mind is silent.” This is absurd, meaningless, because mind means absence of silence. So you cannot say that the mind is silent. If mind is, there cannot be any silence, and when silence is, there is no mind. So there is no such thing as a silent mind; there cannot be. It is just like saying that someone is alive-dead. It makes no sense. If he is dead, then he is not alive. If he is alive, then he is not dead. You cannot be alive-dead.

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