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Chapter 30: Live It, Enjoy It

You are asleep as well.

It is a long trip out here, you know.

People have been doing everything in sleep for millions of years.

Is everyone in the room asleep, as far as you are concerned?

As far as I am concerned, yes.

Is Sheela asleep?

Yes - sound asleep.

How will you awaken her?

I am trying!

I have read much about you, I have watched some of the talks, and of course I have talked to people. Do you ever get tired of this? Do you ever get tired of the sound of your own voice? Do you ever feel, “Enough!”?

I have never read any of my books.

You have never read any of your own books?

No, I have never heard any of my tapes. I don’t even bother about what I said yesterday. And if you ask me tomorrow about this meeting, I will not be consistent with it at all - because I don’t carry comparison, memory. I simply go on existing moment to moment. You get bored because you compare: the same wife every night, the same kiss, the same geography.. It is strange, unless you are asleep, to remain with one woman for thirty or forty years - it is just a miracle!

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