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Chapter 31: From Sound to Inner Silence

Call your name and tell yourself that “At five o’clock in the morning, let me be awakened.” Someone will awaken you. And if you continue this practice, one day you will suddenly realize that at five o’clock someone calls you and says, “Ram, be awake.” That is your unconscious calling you.

This technique says,

Enter the sound of your name and, through this sound, all sounds.

Your name becomes just a door for all names. But enter the sound. First, when you repeat “Ram, Ram, Ram.” it is just a word. But it means something when you go on repeating “Ram, Ram, Ram.”

You must have heard the story of Valmiki. He was given this mantra “Ram,” but he was an ignorant man - uneducated, simple, innocent, childlike. He started repeating “Ram, Ram, Ram.” but he was repeating so much that he forgot completely and reversed the whole thing. Instead he was chanting “Mara, Mara.” He was chanting “Ram, Ram, Ram.” so fast that it became “Mara, Mara, Mara.” And he achieved the goal through “Mara, Mara, mara.”

If you go on repeating the name fast inside, soon it will not be a word: it will become a sound, just meaningless. And then there is no difference between Ram and Mara - no difference! Whether you call Ram or Mara, it makes no sense, they are not words. It is just the sound, just the sound that matters. Enter the sound of your name. Forget the meaning of it, just enter the sound. Meaning is with the mind, sound is with the body. Meaning is in the head, sound spreads all over the body. So forget the meaning. Just repeat it as a meaningless sound, and through this sound you will enter all sounds. This sound will become the door to all sounds. And “all sounds” means all that exists.

This is one of the basic tenets of Indian inner search, that the basic unit of the existence is sound and not electricity. Modern science says that the basic unit of the existence is electricity, not sound, but they also say that sound is a form of electricity. Indians, however, have always been saying that electricity is nothing but a form of sound.

You may have heard that through a particular raga, a particular sound, fire can be created. It can be created - because this is the Indian idea, that sound is the basis of all electricity. So if you hit sound in a particular frequency, electricity will be created.

On long bridges, if a military, is passing, they are not allowed to march because many times it has happened that because of their march the bridge falls. It is because of sound, not because of their weight. They will be passing anyhow, but if they pass marching, then the particular sound of their feet breaks the bridge.