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Chapter 11: The Song of Life

The fourth sutra:

Listen to the song of life.

Look for it and listen to it first in your own heart. At first you may say, “It is not there; when I search I find only discord.” Look deeper. If again you are disappointed, pause and look deeper again. There is a natural melody, an obscure fount in every human heart. It may be hidden over and utterly concealed and silenced - but it is there.

Listen to the song of life. Life is a melody. Existence is musical, for so many reasons. Existence is harmony, it is not anarchy. It is not a chaos, it is a cosmos. It is a unity: so complex, so vast, but still united. And life pulsates - from the lowest atom to the highest star. Wavelengths differ, pulsations are of different frequencies, but the whole pulsates in a deep unity, in a harmony. Plotinus has called this “The music of the spheres.” The whole of existence is music. In another sense also it is musical. Yoga, Tantra and all the schools that have been working esoterically for the inner journey of human consciousness say that life consists of sound; existence consists of sound.

Science differs, but not very much. Science says that the basic particle of existence is electricity, not sound. But science also says that sound is a mode of electricity, a sort of electrical expression. Sound consists of electrical particles.

Yoga says that the basic element, the basic unit of existence is sound, and electricity is a mode of sound. That’s why we have the myth that, through music, fire can be created. Through music, fire can be created. If fire is nothing but a combination of sounds, then fire can be created.

This difference between the scientific attitude and the Yoga attitude is worth understanding. Why does science say that sound is nothing but electricity, and Yoga say that electricity is nothing but sound? - because science’s approach is through matter, and Yoga’s approach is through life.

The deeper you penetrate within yourself, the more you will find a new world of sound and silence. When you reach the innermost core of your being, you will find the soundless sound. That’s what Hindus have called nad: anahat nad - sound which is uncreated, which is your very life. It is not created by anything, it is not produced. It is there. It is cosmic.

Om is the symbol of that sound. If you go deeply within, when the ultimate core is reached you hear om. It is not that you produce it. It is simply there, vibrating. It is the basic element of life.

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