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Chapter 5: Never Born, Never Dies

In search of anahat nad, one can use the help of the mantra om, but much care has to be taken. This is why in the meditation experiment that I have given you for the night, before you go to sleep, I have asked you to intone the sound o.o.o and not to make the sound m.m.m. You simply go on humming the sound o.o.o: one day, suddenly, you will find that om has started arising. And you were only making the sound o.o.o; you were only tuning yourself so that the inner music could arise. When one day, suddenly, to your surprise, when you were only intoning the sound o.o.o, you will find that om has begun to arise from within you. Understand that within you, a new breakthrough has happened. Then do not be in a hurry, just wait. Go on making use of the sound o.o.o and leave the other half for the inner happening. When the current flows they will be connected.

And on the day you find that something has arisen from within and has become united with your pronounced o.o.o sound, then stop intoning o.o.o. From that day, sit silently with closed eyes and try to listen to the mantra; don’t make the sound o.o.o. Don’t intone the mantra, but try to listen to the mantra which is happening. Don’t make use of your lips, tongue and throat, but make use of your inner ears. Listen to what is happening inside and you will find that the sound om is continuously happening within. It is not created by you. It was there when you were not born, it will be there when you cease to be. Your being is like a wave and om is like an ocean hidden underneath.

Sometimes, out of impatience, a seeker is in a hurry. This is why I have given you only half of the mantra and half of it has been kept aside, so that when the other half is completed from within you will realize that something new is happening now which you are not doing. Just at that moment you should stop chanting o.o.o and begin to listen.

The rishis, the Upanishadic seers, have heard the mantra om, they have not chanted it. But for you as you are, something has to be started by first pronouncing so that the stone block is removed and the stream can start flowing.

This chanting of o.o.o is only meant for removing the stone block. As soon as the stone is removed the spring of om will begin to flow. Then you have to become silent. Then do not pronounce o.o.o; then don’t create the ahat nad, because the happening is very near. If your ears are attuned to that sound you will begin to hear. Then you will be surprised to find that this sound has always been resonating within you. But why did you not hear it? - you were somewhere else, your mind was occupied with something else.

Remember one law of the mind: the mind is aware only of that which is the focus of its attention, and when the mind is totally occupied with something it becomes oblivious to everything else. For example, a young man is playing hockey: his foot gets hurt, it starts bleeding, the spectators sitting around the grounds see that his foot is wounded and it is bleeding, there are some bloodstains on the field, but the young player does not know that his leg is hurt. He has no pain, he has no idea of any bleeding because his attention is totally focused on playing hockey. Then the whistle sounds and the playing stops: he immediately becomes aware that his foot is hurt, that it is bleeding and that there is much pain there. His foot had been hurt long before but his attention was elsewhere.

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