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Chapter 5: Never Born, Never Dies

But no sooner did the East come to know the significance of om than they began just to sit and repeat it. If you go on repeating, “Om, om, om,” slowly, slowly your mind will become filled with the sound om, but this is a created sound. You have created this sound, and whatsoever you can create cannot be bigger than you.

How can you create anything bigger than you? Whatsoever you can create is just like the dirt on your hands. You cannot give birth to the one who has given birth to you, to the one from where you have been given life. Nobody can give birth to his own father; there is no way. But those who think that they can reach the cosmic sound by chanting it are trying to give birth to their fathers. It is impossible, there is no way for this to happen. Continuously chanting “Om, om, om,” there is a danger that it may become so mechanical that you will forget that this sound is not real, it is false.

You have created imitations of everything. You have even created false mantras. Man is such an expert at imitation that no sooner does he come to know of the original than he immediately makes an imitation of it. Not only have you made paper and plastic flowers, you have also made great mantras on paper. Then you go around showing these paper mantras in the hope that perhaps with their help you may get the real flowers of life.

The danger is that by repeating and chanting om you may create so much noise inside that you may never hear that subtle, innermost sound. Your chanting of om will become the barrier.

The rishis, the Upanishadic seers, say that om is the anahat nad, the unstruck sound. “Anahat nad” means a sound which has not been created by striking two things together. For example, clapping my hands is ahat nad, a created sound. When two things clash a sound is created: these sounds are not anahat nad. When the lips move and the tongue touches the palate, sound is created: these sounds are not anahat nad.

Om is anahat nad, the sound which is not created by the impact of two things. It is the very nature of existence. It has never been born. And remember, whatsoever is born will die. That which is created by the impact of two things, how long can it remain? No sooner is it created than it will die. No sooner is the sound of clapping heard than it will vanish. How long can the small energy created by the sound of clapping both palms together last? But om is eternal, ever existing. It is not created by striking two things. It is not being created, it is there.

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