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Chapter 5: Never Born, Never Dies

In the English language there are words such as omnipresent and omnipotent. Etymologists are not able to trace the origin of these words, but those who understand the science of om would say that these words are born out of it. Omnipotent means one whose potency of being is as universal as om. Omnipresent means one who is present everywhere and eternally, just as om is.

Almost all the refined languages of the world have been born from Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the ancientmost language. Whether it is English, Lithuanian, French, Slavic, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss or Danish, in all of these languages you will find many words with Sanskrit roots.

Om is the essential sound of Sanskrit; all the basic sounds are included in om. In Sanskrit, om is made up of three phonetic sounds: a, u and m; these three are the basic sounds. From these three sounds the whole of language has been born, all the words are created from it. Om is the base, a, u and m are its three branches, and then the whole network of sounds and words is created. In the Jewish language om is described as logos; in Christian terminology it is called the word.

These sutras are about om.

You will have to understand these sutras very deeply, because anyone who wants to go inwards can do so very easily with the help of the sound of om. This sound is already resounding within; in every moment this sound is resonating. This sound is your very life; the moment it disappears from inside you, you will die. This sound is the source of your very existence. But you are full of so many words, sounds and noises that you cannot hear the subtle sound of om within you. It is very subtle and very deep within, and you are so much engaged in the marketplace which is full of hectic activity and noise that your ears are filled with it. You are unable to hear this small, silent, basic sound.

To hear the sound om it is necessary that your mind become totally silent. You have to get rid of all outside noise; your mind should become totally unoccupied. If you can become free of the outside noises and there are no thoughts within you, then slowly, slowly you will start experiencing the sound om.

However, there is one danger which has led India into a deep fall: the moment the unconscious people heard that om is the ultimate, divine sound, they began sitting in one spot, chanting and repeating it. This chanting of om is not the basic sound. Om, the ultimate sound, is already there within you without your having to chant it. Whatever sound you pronounce with your throat or within your mind is your own creation; it is superficial. That which comes spontaneously from within you, without any effort on your part, is the basic sound om. This sound surges up, breaks out, removes your inner layers and spreads over you. The sound om is a pure happening within you, it is not your doing. The person who experiences om becomes one with the very foundation of life. He enters into communion with the ultimate reality, he attains the ultimate freedom.

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