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Chapter 4: Come Again and Again

The day I left India, I informed my people to prepare immediately, I am going to leave. It was a shock! Ten thousand sannyasins were settling there, making arrangements, purchasing houses, lands. And with twenty-four hours notice I told them to make arrangements, that I was leaving. And ordinarily I never come back to any place that I have left in my life. So I am not tired or bored, I am rejoicing in it as much as possible.

There is a slight technical problem with the film

You seem to have very ancient equipment in Australia!

This is Hollywood. This is film as distinct from mere television, mere videotape. But the final look - you talk of beauty and goodness - well, the beauty of the film is still the excellence, I think, which is why we take a little more time. But when we get there, it is worth it.

That is good.

You sound like you will not go back to India. Even if the moment were to change, that doesn’t seem to be a place you would be drawn to again?

Nothing can be said about it. But in my whole life I have never gone back. The places I have left, I have left. So looking at my crazy behavior of the past, it is very unlikely that I will go to India. But then one never knows, I am not a reliable person.

That is your most reliable quality.
We have had a very peaceful time here for. It has only been a few days but.

Come again and again.

.given the madness that we parade around in for most of the year it’s been very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Come whenever you feel like having a holiday.

You have so many Australians here already, what do you think of us?

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