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Chapter 26: The Alchemy of Enlightenment

So the basic function of the master is first, to create disciples who can understand the wordless through the words, who can sit in silence but can become filled with immense serenity. Just in the presence of the master, something can start opening up in them, as if the sun has risen and the birds start singing; nobody informs the birds that it is sunrise. There are no alarm clocks for poor birds, but just the light - the darkness has gone, the night is over, and there is a celebration all over nature. Flowers suddenly start opening, there is fragrance all over.

The mystic has achieved, is fulfilled, has completed his journey. But he is not a very talented genius. The master is doing overtime. His work is finished but his genius, his talents, demand expression.

J. Krishnamurti said, “If I have to follow the doctor’s advice and not speak and not travel then I cannot live more than four weeks.” And within exactly four weeks he died. His work was complete; now he was living only for others. And if even that cannot be done then what is the point of being here unnecessarily? His boat had arrived long ago. He had been delaying his departure - somebody may listen, somebody may hear, somebody may be touched. But if he cannot speak and cannot travel, then there is no reason at all for him to go on breathing. He is not an idiot.

Why did he say four weeks? - because it is just the old momentum. For breathing and heartbeats to slow down and disappear, it takes nearabout three to four weeks. And the older the man, the longer time it takes. If he had been younger, it might have been just one week. It is a very strange phenomenon - it is because the younger person’s heart runs fast, it can exhaust the momentum quickly. The older man is already slow; his heart has become accustomed to a slow pace so it will take three to four weeks.

To be a mystic is rare, but to be a master is very rare. And to be a successful master, you will have to come to me!

Whenever I am in a silent space I hear a sound - something like aum or humming. I love this rhythmic, sweet, unending sound. In certain activities too, when I am total and silent, this listening happens.
Is it okay to listen and enjoy this sound, or is it a projection or daydreaming?
Please guide me.

First thing to remember: you should not repeat any sound as a mantra, as a chanting, because when you repeat you create - then it is your mental projection. If you are simply silent and you hear a certain humming, then it is the sound of existence. That humming has been heard for centuries by meditators. That humming has been given a special name in the East: Om. It is not exactly Om but it is something similar.

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