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Chapter 2: Dissolution into the Cosmic

The person would go on coming. Every morning he would have a darshan - go to see his teacher - and then the teacher would ask, “Have you heard?”

He would say, “No, I have not heard yet.” The teacher would tell him to try harder. So he would begin to imagine, because it is very frustrating to go every day with nothing to show to the teacher. So he would say, “Oh yes, I have heard it. It is just like wind passing through leaves.”

But the teacher would say, “No, it is not, because wind and leaves are two things. It must be of one. Wind passing through leaves is just an ordinary sound. Two things can create friction, so it is still of two hands. You cannot befool me! Wind passing through the trees - it is of two hands. Never come again unless you hear the sound of one hand.”

He would come, and again and again he would say, “I have heard this and that, or I have heard the sound of the water-drops falling on the roof.” He would come with so many things, and he would be denied. This would go on for months.

Then suddenly one day Rinzai asked, “Where is that man? He has not come and it has been so long. Go and find out what he is doing.”

He was found in his cell or under some tree, just lost, and he was brought to the teacher, and the teacher said, “Now you have heard. Haven’t you heard?”

He said, “I have heard! I have heard!”

What sound has he heard? There is only one sound, that is the sound of the cosmic aum which is without friction - not two things, but simply the sound. It is not created by any clapping.

The moment someone says, “I have heard,” he will be a different person. You cannot be the same again, mm? The difference will always be: sound coming to you from nowhere - sourceless sound, uncreated. Then it is the cosmic aum.