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Chapter 21: Be Here and Delight

In the group I got in touch with some of my anger, and a part of my reality I hadn’t contacted before. I began to see things differently(just walking down the road, the trees(and everything seemed to look different.

Whenever it happens that any accumulated negativity is released, it is as if a curtain disappears from the eyes and every sense becomes more sensitive.

You see the same colors but they have a different glow, a luminosity. Green is not just green; there are a thousand and one greens and you can see the difference. Each sound has a musical note to it; even the traffic noise becomes part of a harmony. The more your negativity is dropped, the more you become aware of a tremendously beautiful world around you. You have been living in it and you have missed it!

So make it a point now. There are many curtains, and they have to be dropped. Just like anger, there is jealousy, possessiveness, hatred. Drop them by and by, and just see how life becomes infinitely enriched.

We are poor because of ourselves; nobody is forcing any poverty on us. We can be emperors but we have decided to be beggars.