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Chapter 25: Freedom Is Your Inner Nature

The music group leader asks for a name for the group.

I will give you a name(Nadam. It means the ultimate sound.

If every sound, every noise stops, then we start hearing the sound of that soundlessness, the sound of silence itself. That is nad.

Nad means the basic sound out of which everything is made. In yoga, it is a hypothesis that everything is made of sound, sound particles. In a way, both science and yoga agree, because science says that sound is made of electrical particles, and yoga says that electricity is nothing but a certain combination of sound particles. So they have come to the same reality. But because yoga came through silence, through dropping the thoughts and noise of the mind and heard the innermost silence, yoga says that everything is made of sound.

So I will call it Nadam Music Meditation Group, mm? Good.


The Tathata group is present tonight. A woman tells Osho that she is living with the Tathata group leader, and that the previous night she assisted him in the group.

It is not a good idea - to be together so much. Love is killed by too much togetherness, so I don’t suggest you help him. You have your work to do, he has his. You can live together, but your being together should not become a twenty-four hour affair.

You will be a hindrance to him too, in the group, because the group needs a certain freedom, and lovers don’t give each other freedom. You will destroy his group and his freedom - and you will finally destroy your love. But it is up to you.

It is always good to be separate for a few hours each day so that when you meet again, you are ready for each other. It is a simple law of life. It is just as when you eat, and then for six or eight hours you forget about eating. Then again you are hungry, you have an appetite. You will never have an appetite if you go on eating all day. So your working lives should not be together, because there is no possibility of escaping from each other. The freedom, the aloneness is lost, and everybody needs a space of his own.

(To the group leader-boyfriend) Do you have something to say?

I really felt a balance having her in the group.

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