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Chapter 5: One Who Walks Alone

One who walks alone
confused, choosing for and against,
the whole world goes astray.
Choiceless and celebrating god;
he is a true sadhu.

People all bound together
as donkey tied to donkey.
Who has inner vision,
he’s authentic man.

One who walks alone,
he alone finds truth.
Heart absorbed in love
never again comes back.

Wholeness is total vision;
everything is holy.
Says Kabir: it can’t be understood.
This is something unwritten.

Nothingness dies, the soundless dies;
even the infinite dies.
A true lover never dies.
Says Kabir: know this.

All that we know and achieve is going to die. There is no question that one’s worldly riches will disappear, but the wealth that we store up within ourselves will also disappear. The enlightened ones have always said not to amass worldly wealth, but Kabir says that even one’s inner wealth will also die. He says that inner wealth will disappear and that you alone will be saved; he says that experience itself will die and only the experiencer will remain.

It is easy to grasp what he means as far as the riches of the outside world are concerned. We see people dying, leaving wealth, buildings, palaces and kingdoms behind them, but Kabir is saying that one’s inner riches will also have to be left behind. This is a bit subtle, and it is also final. It is the final statement; nothing more remains to be said. So it is important to understand it deeply.

No sooner do you experience something than duality sets in. As soon as you say, “I am pleased” you become two - the pleasure and you. A distinction has been created. First there is the happening, and second, there is the person to whom it has happened. But no distinction can enter into God; you alone can enter there. You cannot take anything with you. You cannot even take your spiritual experience.

Nothingness dies, the soundless dies;
even the infinite dies.
A true lover never dies.
Says Kabir: know this.

Your meditation, your samadhi, your kundalini - all will die. All your spiritual experiences will die. You will go alone. So do not cling to these experiences, otherwise you will create a new world for yourself. Before you were amassing wealth; now you are collecting experiences.

People come to me and they say they have experienced light within. It is enjoyable; the inner wealth is very subtle. They say they have experienced the awakening of the kundalini and it is thrilling; they say they experience great peace and happiness within.

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