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Chapter 8: Life, Death and Love

But your concentration has become almost as focused as if you are continuously preparing for the Olympics. Runners in the Olympics cannot relax. They have to run a particular amount every morning and evening; they are continuously on the go. If they relax for a few days they will lose their skill. But I call all Olympics political, ambitious, foolish. There is no need.

Competition is foolish; there is no need. If you enjoy running, perfectly good - run and enjoy. But why compete? What is the point of competition? Competition brings illness, unhealthiness; competition brings jealousy, and a thousand and one diseases.

Meditation will allow you to concentrate whenever the need arises, but if there is no need you will remain relaxed, flowing in all directions like water.

“It is hard for me to utter a logical sentence.” Feel blissful, feel blessed. What is the point of uttering logical sentences? Utter nonsense: make sounds, gibberish, like birds, like trees. Look.!

[At this moment a nearby tree decides, with the help of a passing breeze, to illustrate Osho’s words by shaking its branches and causing hundreds of leaves to fall with loud rustling sounds to the ground.]

This way! Is this logical? The tree is enjoying, delighting, simply shedding away the past.

Delight, sing, utter sounds, forget all logic! By and by you will become more alive - less logical of course. That is the price one has to pay. You become dead if you become more logical and you become more alive if you become less logical.

Life is the goal, not logic. What are you going to do with logic? If you are hungry logic is not going to feed you, if you need love logic is not going to hug you, if you are thirsty logic will tell you that water is H20, it is not going to give you water, real water, no, it simply functions in formulas, maxims.

Look at life, and by and by you will understand that life has its own very logical logic. Be attuned to it. That will become the door for your ecstasy, samadhi, nirvana.

“.and I have become very forgetful.” Perfectly good! If you can forget, you will be able to remember more. Forgetfulness is a great capacity: it simply means getting the past dusted off. There is no need to remember everything that happens. Almost ninety-nine percent of it is trivia. But you go on remembering.

Just think: what do you go on remembering? Write it down and just look at it. It is trivia. What goes on in your mind? You will not be able to show it to your intimate friend because he will think you are mad. This goes on in your mind?

It is good. Forget. Forgetfulness is a great capacity because it will allow you to remember. It is part of remembrance. The useless has to be forgotten so that the useful is remembered - and the useful is very, very small, the useless is too much. In twenty-four hours’ time, millions of bits of information are collected by the mind. If you collect them and remember them all, you will be mad.