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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

The child wants to play outside and he asks his father, “Can I go and play outside?” “No!” What is the point of it? Why does no come easy? Why is yes difficult? - because when you fight you feel you are. Otherwise, everything fits so beautifully, you cannot feel you are.

If you say yes, you are not there. When a real yes is said, you are absent. How can you feel? You can feel only against, and then you feel powerful. No gives you power. And how can no give you power? Because, saying no, you are cut from the source of all power: it is a false feeling, it is a disease, it is illness. Say yes, and a transformation starts happening.

Ordinarily you say no unless you have to say yes. Whenever you say yes, you don’t feel very good - as if defeated, as if helpless. Whenever you say no, you feel good: you are victorious, you have put someone again in his place, you have said no, you are more powerful. No is violent, no is aggressive. Yes is prayerful, yes is prayerfulness.

No need to go to the church and the mosque and the temple - life is a big enough temple. You simply start saying yes, and everywhere you will feel prayerful because everywhere the ego will be absent. And when the ego is not there, the whole suddenly flows in you. You are not closed, you are open. Then a new breeze from the whole comes, a new surge of energy enters you. Then you are renewed moment to moment.

So the first thing: the mind substitutes by thinking and dreaming, but it can never become the real. It remains an imitation. It may look like the real but it is not - it cannot be. How can a symbol, a linguistic symbol, be the real?

You are hungry and I go on talking about bread. You are thirsty and I go on talking about water - not only talking, but I give you the best scientific formula for it. Or I give you the clear-cut definition, or I tell you, “Don’t worry, water means H20. Just go on repeating ‘H20, H20.’ Make it a mantra, a transcendental meditation, a TM: ‘H20, H20, H20,’ and everything will happen to you. The thirst will be gone because this is the formula.”

H20 may be the formula, but your thirst won’t listen to it. This is what is happening all over the world. Go on repeating, “Aum, aum, aum.” Aum is also a formula, just like H20, because Hindus discovered that three sounds - A, U, M - are the root sounds, so aum comprehends all sounds possible. So what is the need of any other mantra? You simply repeat aum, aum, and the whole range of sounds is repeated, the root. So if you have the root, go on repeating it; soon flowers will follow.

Neither H20 nor aum nor anything like that will be of much help, because who will repeat it? - the mind will repeat it. And reality is there surrounding you; there is no need to repeat it, no need even to think about it. Just look, just open your eyes and see: it is everywhere! It is a miracle how you have missed it. When you attain it, it is not a miracle.

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