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Chapter 25: Nobody Is Planning except Man

There is no need to know. The man who is spontaneous, just like the weather vane - the weather vane never worries whether the wind is blowing south or north or east or west - wherever the wind is blowing the weather vane simply turns towards that side. It shows in what direction the wind is blowing. It has no resistance. It is absolutely free to move in any direction. It does not fight with the wind. It is absolutely spontaneous and never lives in the past, nor in the future. It simply represents the present.

You have chosen a very beautiful word, weather vane, for a spontaneous life. But what is the point of a weather vane knowing where the wind is blowing? Your mind wants to know where the wind is blowing, because your mind has its own plans against existence. It wants the winds to blow towards the west and they are blowing towards the east. Then the mind is frustrated, angry and somehow, reluctantly, he manages to go towards the east. But by the time he does that - the wind has no idea of your mind or of fulfilling your expectations - the wind starts blowing towards the west and the mind feels again frustrated saying, “This is a strange situation: when I want to go east the wind blows west; when I agree, ‘Okay, let us go to the west,’ the wind changes.”

These are the people who have made the proverb: Man proposes and God disposes. There is no God and nobody disposes. Your very proposition is wrong. Proposing anything from your side means you are not trusting existence. Just be a weather vane which slowly moves without any reluctance, without any resistance, wherever the wind is blowing. It enjoys all directions. The whole of life has to be enjoyed; existence in all its colors has to be enjoyed.

But the mind is one of the most stupid things that you are carrying within you. When it is morning it is longing for the evening, when it is evening it is longing for the morning; it is the root cause of all your misery and frustrations.

What is the need? I cannot understand why the weather vane should want to know how the wind blows. Can you figure it out? Is there any need? Do these trees know where the wind is blowing? Do the stars know? Except man nothing in this whole existence is reluctant to go with existence. That’s why everything is happy, blissful. They don’t have riches; what do these poor trees have? But they have spontaneity. When the wind blows they dance, when it does not blow they rest. Both are equally acceptable.

A tremendous trust exists between the earth, the sky, the wind, the sun. When the sun starts rising in the morning, the trees wake up. They don’t need any alarm clock. And when the sun sets, they all start going to sleep. As the sun sets, the birds start coming back to their nests - it is time to rest. Nobody teaches them to go early to bed. Nobody teaches them.in the morning as the sun is rising they all wake up, start singing, making sounds of joy, rejoicing, welcoming another day.

Life is so abundantly giving - again the sky, again the sun, the beauty of the morning and the birds are so happy, they cannot contain themselves. Their singing is not planned. When they had gone in the evening to their nests to rest, they had not planned, “Next morning, whatever happens, I am going to sing!” There is no need. When the morning comes, the singing will come on its own accord. It is a synchronicity, a deep communion with existence.

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