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Chapter 9: To Know What Is

The word in Sanskrit for ether is akash. It is more comprehensive than ether; akash means the whole space, the whole emptiness that surrounds everything. Akash means the nothingness out of which everything comes and goes back to, the primordial nothingness which was in the beginning and which will be again in the end. Everything comes out of it and disappears into it. This nothingness is not just nothing; it is not negative, it is absolutely potential and positive, but formless.

By performing samyama on the relationship between this akash - this formlessness that surrounds you - and your ear. This is a yoga discovery: that your ear is in tune with akash. That’s why you can hear sounds; sounds are created in akash, in ether, and your ear corresponds to akash within your body. Your eyes correspond to the sun; your ears correspond to the akash, to the ether. If you can bring your samadhi to the akash and your ear and their relationship, you will be able to hear whatsoever you want to hear.

This is something very miraculous, but not a miracle; it has as scientific laws behind it as television or radio. Just a certain tuning is needed. If your ears are in a certain tuning with the akash, you start hearing that which was not ordinarily available. You can hear others’ thoughts. Not only that, you can hear thoughts which were uttered thousands of years before. You can hear Buddha again. You can hear Krishna again giving his message to Arjuna. You can hear Jesus again giving his Sermon on the Mount. Because whatsoever is created remains in the akash; it never goes away; in a subtle way it is preserved.

In Theosophy they call these records akashic records. Everything is there, recorded, taped, once you can find the key; and that key exists in bringing samyama to the relationship of the ether with your ear.

By performing samyama
on the relationship between the body and the ether
and at the same time identifying himself
with light things, like cotton down,
the yogi is able to pass through space.

And if you bring samyama to your body and the akash and their relationship.the akash is formless, nirakar, the infinities around you; your body is just a wave in the ocean of akash. Before it arose it was unmanifest in the akash; after you will die it will again disappear into akash. Right now the wave is joined with the akash; it is not disjointed. Just bring your awareness to the wave and the relationship of the wave with the ocean and you will be able to disappear or appear, according to your will.

A yogi can manifest himself in many places simultaneously; he can meet one of his disciples in Calcutta and another in Mumbai and another in California. Once you know how to be in tune with the ocean, you become infinitely powerful.