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Chapter 12: Religiousness Is Interwoven into Existence Itself

And then suddenly, in the middle of a sweet dream, I wake you up and tell you that it is all nonsense: there is no religion, there is no leadership, there is no possibility of any organized truth, and there is no way that somebody can represent it.

It is very shattering. It takes away the earth, and you find yourself hanging in a limbo. But I want you to allow this situation to penetrate you as deeply as possible so that you can be free, and you can also make those people who have come under your influence free.

It is very easy to influence somebody, to convert somebody, to create a following; it is very difficult to unconvince him - to say that you are no longer a leader, in fact you have never been a leader; that there is no religion, that you were talking in your dreams.

It needs guts to say to people, “I am not your savior,” to say to people, “I am not your leader; I am a seeker, just the way you are a seeker. At the most we can be fellow travelers, we can be friends, but that ugly relationship of the leader and the follower does not exist anymore.

“We can love each other; there is no need of any agreement, there is no fear about disagreement. You have to be yourself. Certainly there will be things you will not agree about, and there will be things I will not agree with you about.” That’s what makes individuals and gives them uniqueness - and that’s one of the most beautiful experiences, to see in somebody a unique individual.

They will be shocked. Those who have become convinced, those who started looking up to you for guidance, for growth - they will be shocked. But that shock is necessary. It is necessary because unless the child’s cord that joins him with the mother is cut.and it is a shock, the greatest shock.

You will not come across such a shock in your whole life, because the child has been living through the mother, he has been feeding, breathing through the mother. For nine months he has been simply a part of the mother, and suddenly you disconnect him; you disconnect that helpless child from the source of his life. To the child the shock is almost like death. You are trying to give him an individuality; you are giving him his own being, his own life.

The womb may be cozy, the womb may be comfortable - it is very comfortable. The scientists say we have not yet been able to create any kind of situation which is so cozy, so comfortable as the mother’s womb. The child has not to worry about food, about tomorrow. The child simply lives unworried, unconcerned with any problem. He knows no problem for nine months, and then suddenly all the problems.he is no longer connected with the source of his life. But these problems have to be faced. These problems will give him a backbone. The earlier he accepts the challenge, the better.

Exactly the same happens when somebody follows you. He becomes dependent for all insight, for all guidance. He need not think about it: you know it, the leader knows it, the priest knows it. He has simply to ask - he need not bother to find the answer himself.

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