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Chapter 6: The Art of Archery

Technique kills. It can give you a peace which belongs to death, not to life. Method is dangerous, because you may forget the source completely and you may become obsessed with the method. Methods are good if you remain alert and you remain conscious that they are not the end, they are only the means. Too much obsession with them is very harmful, because you can forget the source completely.

This is the point. This old master, Po-Hun Wu-Jen, showed Lieh-Tzu one of the secrets. Lieh-Tzu himself became an enlightened man, he himself became what this old man was at that moment: backwards, moving towards the precipice ten thousand feet high and half his feet hanging over - and a very old body, ninety years old, and still no trembling came to the old man; not a slight change, not even a tremor! Inside he must have been totally fearless. Inside he must have been rooted, grounded in himself, centered. Remember this always, because there is always a possibility of becoming a victim of techniques and methods.

The ultimate comes to you only when all techniques have been dropped. The ultimate happens to you only when there is no method, because only then are you open. The ultimate will knock at your door only when you are not there. When you are absent, you are ready, because when you are absent only then is there a space for the ultimate to enter into you. Then you become a womb. If you are there you are always too much; there is not even a slight gap, space, for the ultimate to enter into you - and the ultimate is vast. You have to be so vastly empty, so infinitely empty - only then is there a possibility of the meeting.

That’s why I go on saying you will never be able to meet God, because when God comes you will not be there. And until you are, he cannot come. You are the barrier.

Enough for today.