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Chapter 2: Choice Is Hell

I am here to create more thirst. I am here to make you more hungry. So one day you are just thirst, just hunger, pure hunger. In that moment you explode and disappear and truth is found. If you become contented with me I will be your enemy not your friend, because then you will cling to me and my answers.

I am at the most a door. Pass through me. Don’t cling to me - the journey starts with me, it doesn’t end with me.

And I know you must be feeling sad, but become alert to your sadness and don’t get identified with it. It is there, hanging around you, but it is not you. Use that opportunity also to become more aware, more a witness. And if you can become a witness of your sadness, the sadness will disappear. And if you can become aware of your sadness and you can help it to disappear through awareness, wherever you go I will be coming with you.

There may not be any need to come back to the source because in your witnessing you will remain close to me wherever you are. You will be close to the source.

The source is not something outside you. And when you really listen to me it is not listening to somebody who is outside you. It is listening to somebody who is inside you. It is listening to your own inner voice.

When you fall in love with me, in fact what has happened is you have fallen in love with yourself for the first time.

Enough for today.