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Chapter 16: Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

The child has more sex energy than you, but it is still in the source; it has not moved to the body yet. It will move. When the body will be ready and the glands will be ready and the body will be mature, the energy will move. Why does a child look so innocent? The energy is at the source; it has not moved. Again the same thing happens when someone becomes enlightened. The whole energy moves to the source, and the person becomes childlike. That is what Jesus means when he says, “Only those who are like children will be able to enter into my kingdom of God.”

What does it mean? Scientifically it means your whole energy has moved back to the source. If you express, it has moved out. And when it is expressed, you are creating a habit for the energy to move out, to leak out. If you suppress, then the energy has not moved to the source and it has not moved out: it is suspended. And a suspended energy is a burden.

That is why, if you really express anger, you feel relief. If you go through sex, you feel relief. If you destroy something, your hate is released and you feel relief. Why is this relief felt? Because suspended energy is burdensome, heavy. Your mind is cloudy with it. You have to throw it out or allow it to move back to the original source; these are the only two things.

If it goes back to the source, it becomes formless. In the source, energy is formless. For example, electricity is formless. When it moves into a fan, it takes one kind of form. When it moves into a bulb, it takes a different form. You can use it in a thousand ways - the energy is the same. The form is given by the mechanism through which it moves.

Anger is a mechanism, sex is a mechanism, love is a mechanism, hate is a mechanism. When energy moves into the channel of hate, it becomes hate. If the same energy moves into love, it becomes love. And when it moves into the source, it is formless energy - pure energy. It is neither hate nor love nor anger nor sex, simply energy. Then it is innocent, because formlessness is absolute innocence. That is why Buddha looks so innocent, childlike. The energy has moved to the source.

Do not express, because you are wasting your energy and helping the other also to waste his. Do not suppress, because then you are creating a suspended phenomenon which will have to be released. Then what to do?

This technique says, do not do anything with the mood itself, just go back to the source from where the mood is coming. And while the mood is hot, the path is clear, visible inside; you can move on it. Use moods for meditation. The result is miraculous, unbelievable. And once you find the key that shows you how to pour the energy back to the source, you will have a different quality of personality. Then you will not be dissipating anything, then it will look stupid.

Buddha has said that whenever you are angry against someone, you are punishing yourself for the misdeed of the other. He has insulted you - that is his deed - and you are punishing yourself by being angry; you are dissipating your energy. This is stupid. But then, listening to Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, we start repressing; we start suppressing our energy. Then we think that it is not good, that it is stupid to be angry.

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