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Chapter 16: Before Seeking

The function of the master is not to create faith in him, but to create faith in yourself. An authentic master makes you more and more trusting in your own individuality, in your own potential, in your own courage, in your own ultimate possibility of a quantum leap from mind to no-mind.

This can be the criterion to judge: if somebody wants you to have faith in him, he is a fraud. And if somebody helps you to have faith in yourself, he is a friend.

A true master is a friend. He is not superior, he is not holier than thou; he is just a friend. He has so much to share.he wants many friends because his sources are abundant. But his whole effort is to help you to stand on your own legs. He does not create faith in God, faith in any savior, faith in any priest, faith in any messengers, faith in any scriptures; he creates faith in yourself. And anybody who helps to create faith in yourself obviously cannot be a fraud, because he cannot exploit you.

Exploitation is possible only if he creates faith in him; if he asks, “Surrender to me; have faith in me. I will deliver you, I will redeem you. I am the savior. I am the shepherd and you are just sheep.” If something like this is being told to you.beware of such shepherds. They are simply frauds exploiting your helplessness, exploiting your ignorance.

The friend will help you to save yourself, to become a savior of yourself.

The last words of Gautam Buddha were: “Be a light unto yourself.” Those are the most pregnant words ever uttered by any man.