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Chapter 1: Flight of the Alone to the Alone

So everyone has his own yoga. Everyone has to create it himself. Everyone has to search in total loneliness, in total darkness. But that very search becomes the light in the dark because the very awareness of being alone destroys the loneliness and creates its own courage.

When you know absolutely that you are alone then there is no fear. When you know that there is no possibility of anyone else being with you then there is no fear. The fear comes with the longing, with the dream, with the imagining of the possibility that someone else can be with you. But if you are absolutely aware of the fact that you are alone, there is no fear. If this is the case, then you see that there is no way out of it.

The moment you accept your total loneliness you become a yogi and transcend society. This is the only meaning of leaving society: it does not mean that you actually leave society - no one can leave society - wherever you go, you will create it. Even with the trees, even with the animals, a family will be created and there will be a society. Society is something that follows you like an individual space: wherever you go, you create a space to live, and that space becomes a society; all those who are on the boundary of that space will become members of your society.

But a single moment of knowing the realization that you are alone - alone to tread the path, alone to create the path, alone to be committed to living, alone to be involved in the moment - can penetrate you and society vanishes. You are alone.

There is no guru now, there is no one to be followed. There is no leader, there is no guide. You are alone; you are the aloneness. There is no one to adulterate it or contaminate it. It is so pure, innocent and beautiful. This aloneness is the path, this aloneness is meditation, this aloneness is yoga.

Still, you may ask what is to be done with this aloneness. Nothing is to be done, because every doing is nothing but an escape from it, every doing is an occupation to forget the aloneness. This aloneness is not to be escaped from and left behind. You must be deeply in it, you must remain in it, you must live with it. You must walk the path of life totally alone. Amidst the crowd, although there will be fellow travelers, you must be totally alone.

When two persons are walking on the road, they are not walking as “two,” they are walking as one and one - they are two alonenesses walking. There may be five members of a family living together: these are five alonenesses living in a home. So live in the family but know also that you are alone.

And the moment you understand your aloneness, you become compassionate toward others and their aloneness. This compassion is the indication that a person has truly been initiated into yoga, because now that you know your aloneness, you can understand the aloneness of all.

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